History of the Lieutenancy


Establishment of the
Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (THE ORDER)
in Australia

In March 1984 at the meeting of the Grand Magisterium (the governing body of the Order) His Eminence Maximillian Cardinal de Furstenberg, the then Grand Master raised the question of the feasibility of establishing the Order in Australia.

His Excellency Douglas Jenkins KGCHS, past Lieutenant of England and Wales and then member of the Grand Magisterium. H E Douglas Jenkins informed the then Grand Master that in 1971 as the Grand President of the Catenian Association (a group of professional and business Catholic men within the Church structure) he had requested a fellow Catenian in England Clifford Holloway to help form the Catenian Association in Western Australia as the latter was migrating to settle there. His Eminence was assured that as the Catenian Association had been successfully established in Western Australia by Clifford Holloway; the latter was considered capable of forming the Order in Australia

To facilitate the formation of the Order in Western Australia it was recommended that as a first step it be formed as a Section of the Lieutenancy of England and Wales because of the historic ties between the two nations.

Upon agreeing to work towards forming the EOHSJ in Perth, Western Australia, nominations for investiture as Knights were requested from Archbishop Goody and Monsignor O’Reilly. A number of worthy candidates were recommended and H E Douglas Jenkins visited Perth to give a talk about the Order. In due course 15 prospective candidates submitted their applications for membership of the Order.

In September 1985 the inaugural Investiture Ceremony for the 15 first Knights of the Order in Australia was held in St Mary’s Cathedral, Perth. A contingent of 25 Knights and Ladies from the Lieutenancy of England and Wales came to Perth for this historic inauguration of the Order in Perth, Western Australia.

The office bearers of the new Section were:

  • President:    Clifford Holloway KCHS
  • Prior:    Archbishop William Foley, KC*HS
  • Chancellor:    Kevin Rosam, KHS
  • Secretary:    Benito Brucciani, KHS
  • Treasurer:    John Walsh, KHS
  • Ecclesiastical Knight Master of Ceremonies:    Rev. Fr. Patrick Ahern, KHS
  • Lay Knight Master of Ceremonies:    James Kenny, KHS

The other founding members (all with the rank of KHS in alphabetical order) were: Alex Banovich, John Cattalini, (RIP) Ian Handcock, Kevin Hogan, Wim Hultink, William Kerr, (RIP) Brendan McGurk, Dr Peter McGuire (RIP) and Graham Pittaway.

On 22 November 1986 eight new Knights were invested in St Mary’s Cathedral all with the rank of KHS. They were Gerry Barnard, Kevin Brady, (RIP) John Foss, Dr James McNulty, Reginald Newman, Robert Peters (now Lieutenant of Honour), Francis Pimm, and Rodney Willix.

On November 30, 1986 His Holiness the late Pope John Paul II visited Perth as part of his visit to Australia. The Knights of the Holy Sepulchre provided a Guard of Honour for His Holiness’ reception at Belmont Race Course before celebration the outdoor Mass. The Holy Father greeted each Knight with a hand shake and presented them with a rosary each. He expressed delight at the establishment of the Order in Australia.

On the 8th day of April 1988 His Eminence Maximillian Cardinal de Furstenberg, the then Grand Master of the Order signed a decree establishing the Lieutenancy of Australia-Western. H E Clifford Holloway KGCHS became the inaugural Lieutenant of the newly formed Lieutenancy of Australia-Western

In due course through the efforts of Clifford Holloway other Lieutenancies were formed throughout Australia as follows:

  • Lieutenancy of Australia- New South Wales  1996
  • Lieutenancy of Australia-Victoria  1996
  • Lieutenancy of Australia-Queensland  1997
  • Lieutenancy of Australia- South Australia  2003

For his dedication to the Order the title of Honorary Lieutenant was bestowed on him with the right to be addressed as Excellency. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia (OAM) for his work associated with the Catenian Association and the Order in Australia.

In 2000 John Joseph Carr KGCHS, MBE took up the post of Lieutenant. He served for six years but retired for family reasons.

On 15 May 2006 the Grand Magisterium approved of the appointment of Robert Edward Peters KC*HS as the new Lieutenant. At the Investiture ceremony on 26 June 2006 he was formally instituted as the third Lieutenant of the Lieutenancy of Australia-Western.

Robert E. Peters KC*HS


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